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Pasture Testimonials


Testimonial for using the Pasture Stimulants & Biology


Here's a pasture study from NW Iowa.  This was 120 acres of a mixture of alfalfa, white clover, red clover and various grasses.


Tissue samples showed to prove basically adequate in all the critical mineral levels. 


The pH of the water was adjusted to Phosphoric Acid (Lactic Acid or Apple Cider Vinegar), two capfuls moved it one pH to IDEAL  of 6.2-6.5 before adding any foliar spray ingredients. Final product pH will be 5.2-5.5 because of the acidity of the CW Foliar


All products are manufactured by Nature's Best of Inwood, IA 


Applied June 1st:

2 oz of the CW Foliar Spray Concentrate  ($9/ACRE)

4 oz of Pam & Sam  ($1/ACRE)



The two biologics were mixed into one gallon of water and that was applied at a rate of one gallon per acre using a mist blaster. 


Initial Results:

On June 3rd at 6:30 pm, the untreated pasture showed a BRIX index of 9.5 whereas the treated area Brixed at 14.5.


There was also 1.5-2" of additional growth in the treated plot. Pictures and studies regarding yield rates will follow.



Livestock Health Testimonials


Testimonial for using minerals + clay


We bought 24 cattle (sight unseen, unfortunately) but, in spite of coming from what we consider basically really good genetics, when they came in they were in very bad condition. Rough, unshedded coats, lice, ringworm, scouring, worms, and spooky temperments. Many were covered with flies.  Due to all these problems the entire batch were very underweight and malnourished. We were dismayed.


A QUIRK OF FATE INTERVENES-  As it turned out, we didn't have proper pasture for them so we had to pasture them on a tiny 6 acre piece of CRP land that was covered with nothing but brush and weeds, with virtually no grass. We opened a couple of round bales for them so they would have something to eat. We also gave them free-choice access to delicious minerals and vitamins, as well as loose salt and Dynamin clay. They devoured over 1/2 pound of minerals per head per day. 


SIX WEEKS LATER-  A shocking difference! All the cattle had slicked-up, the scouring went away as did almost all of the problematic flies, ringworm, mange, lice and worms. Every animal in the herd was also quite calm and grounded. 





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