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About Us

The Quality of Yesteryear with the Technology of Today

Nature’s Best strives daily to meet the needs of an ever changing agricultural market with the best intentions of the earth and its power.  We innovate, design, develop, and manufacture products in house that keep the farmer at the cutting edge of productivity  while not depleting the  soil, water nor air in which provides our yield, health and earthly home.

About Us

Nature’s Best was founded in 1986 in Inwood, IA by Roger TeSlaa.  Roger, while partnered with J.R. Hovlsrude from Lincoln, NE started mixing vitamins and trace minerals for small private entities and large hog farmers.  J.R. worked out of Lincoln, NE producing and exporting aquaculture vitamins and trace mineral products for companies in Taiwan.  Roger, in the Inwood location served the in-states vitamin and trace mineral needs, all products were produced in house at Natures Best.

In 1991, a customer of J.R.s named Clifford Willis was introduced to Roger to formulate some of Clifford’s premix ideas under the name CW Products.  Clifford placed orders and formulas and Roger produced them.   Clifford, a former graduate and instructor at Iowa State’s agriculture department had many innovative and exciting ideas.  Roger and Clifford became great friends.  Together they started looking at Livestock and Crop problems from a different perspective.   Clifford once said “You can put a Band-Aid on a livestock problem with nutrition, but you will not fix the problem until you fix the soil”.  And the journey into the soil for Roger and Clifford began.


In 2001, Roger bought out J.R.s interest of Natures Best.  Sadly, a few short months later J.R. passed away.  His drive for business, his ideas and his friendship will be forever missed.

By this time, Clifford and Roger's out of the box ideas led to the transformation of Natures Best from a livestock vitamins and trace minerals business, into full line agriculture company.


Although Natures Best backbone of mixing vitamins and trace mineral premixes is still very much alive, huge strides have been accomplished in the crop and soil side of the company.  With the addition of the CW Products line in 2006, and a custom dry fertilizer plant in Albany, MN in 2012, along with Nature's Best line of foliars, soil amendments, biologicals, and seed.


Sadly, on January 9th of 2015  Clifford Willis passed away.  Clifford’s ideas, designs, formulations, drive, humor, advice, morals, vanity, and friendship are irreplaceable.  Clifford will be truly missed.

Nature’s Best continues to grow and make strides towards the new frontier of farming technologies while never forgetting what got us this far.

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