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The Nature’s Best Calf Kit includes: 
    • 1. 50lb. Pail Lassahol
    • 1. Qt. of CW Culture    
    • 1. Qt. of Nutra-ADE
    • 1. 5lb. Bag of Vitamin C
    • 1. 11lb. Pail of Nature’s Best PDQ


*Note: Follow feeding directions on each individual label.  Ships in 2 boxes.


1) Ideally (not possible when receiving sale barn cattle) we want to get them on the PDQ Livestock Rescue in the water for at least a week before shipping. 
2) In lieu of vaccines, we recommend that every calf get 1 cc of Multi-Min 90/100# body wt. and the same dose of Vitamin A & D (separate injections, both under the skin) OPTIONAL.
Upon Arrival. No vaccines, but we recommend giving every immune-compromised incoming calf: 1 cc of Multi-Min 90/100# body wt. and the same dose of Vitamin A & D (separate injections, both under the skin). When in doubt, protect any calves that are weather-exposed or stressed. OPTIONAL
For high-risk calves, we recommend an injection of 1 cc of Immuno-Boost. OPTIONAL
3) Add PDQ Livestock Resue to the water at a rate of 4 oz/100 gallons of drinking water.
4) Offer FREE CHOICE ACV, and in most cases add MOLASSES. The ratio can vary but we recommend 80-90% molasses and 10-20% ACV
5) Use LASSAHOL as the nutritive/vitamin/energy/protein supplement for all incoming animals. Use up to one oz. daily for adult animals, calves give as little as 5 cc daily. 
6) Keep NATURE’S BEST minerals available free-choice at all times
7) Keep a good natural prehistoric seasalt available free choice.
    • If SCOURING is a problem, give the affected ones 2-4 cc of NATURE’S GREEN orally. If it is an outbreak, switch to the CW LACTIC CULTURE BLEND for everyone at a rate of 1/4 tsp per head per day. Can be added to the water, or top-dressed to the feed. In most cases, it’s best, and economical to just give the 1/4 tsp per head daily for 1-3 days. 
    • Ideally, mix the NATURE’S GREEN, or the CW LACTIC CULTURE BLEND into NUTRA-ADE. For newborns or little calves give 3-5 cc, for bigger calves give 10 cc daily.

Calf Kit - Holistic Survival Kit for All Calves


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