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1) We use a CALCIUM-PHOSPHORUS RATIO of 1:1. The reason for this is simply that Phosphorus is required to drive the engine that gives us more energy for higher production. Since Phosporus is rare and very expensive, most mineral mixes have a 2:1 ratio. Increasing the P levels is like stepping on the gas pedal!
2) SEASALT- Unlike most mixes which use excess salt as a filler, we are like a chef adding seasoning, we use only enough to give an interesting flavor for excellent palatability. Always offer good salt free-choice.
3) MAGNESIUM levels this high assure a calming effect on the nerves and emotions. Magnesium works synergistically with Calcium to help build bones and milk, helping to prevent tetany, urinary calculi, mastitis and other chronic conditions. Magnesium is excellent for ease with calving delivery and milk let-down. 
4)SULFUR is the critical ingredient to make the essential amino-acids to make quality protein as well as B vitamins. It also serves to repel parasites, internal (worms, flukes) and external (flies, lice, ticks, mange).
5) ZINC is widely deficient across the US. It is required for fertility and reproductive health, it is essential to make Vitamin A, and helps stimulate daily gains and milk production. If deficient, there will be more foot rot, skin problems and low production. Zinc is particularly critical for fertility of male animals. 
6) COPPER is frequently deficient causing a flood of health problems. If you have droughty plants, high amounts of legumes or excess iron, the copper will be tied up. Copper gives us our immunity against parasites, fungus and bacteria. Copper, with iron, makes hemoglobin to prevent anemia and poor health.
7) IODINE- We live in land that is poor in iodine, so it is the most-deficient mineral in livestock production. Iodine runs the glandular system, the thyroid, reproduction and goes to every cell in the body. We add it for protection against pollution and toxins. For maximum results we add both calcium iodate and kelp.
8) SELENIUM is the Immune Mineral. Selenium is a critical component of Glutathione Peroxidase, which is what the immune system uses throughout the body to kill germs. It is also a strong antioxidant. We use the best form of Selenium found in Selenium yeast.
9) COBALT is the key ingredient in the manufacture of Cyanocobalamin, that is B-12. This essential mineral enables the rumen bacteria to function, a core process for livestock health and production.
10) THE FAT-SOLUBLE VITAMINS- A, D3, & E enable the function and health of every cell in the body. During the winter, Vitamin D is virtually impossible to create, likewise stored forages are almost always deficient in these critical vitamins. Adding these vitamins at high levels is your “insurance policy” for health.

Crafts-MIN - All-In-One Livestock Vitamin/Mineral

  • 50 lb. bag.


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