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We recommend Nature’s PDQ for all animals that are being shipped, handled, weaned, orphaned, or who may have been exposed to any stressful situation or risk of infectious disease.  If possible, and for best results, begin treatment several days before any expected stress or exposure.  Mix 1/2 cup into 1-5 gallons of room temperature or warmer water and stir a few seconds until fully dissolved.  Then add this amount to each 100 gallons of drinking water.  Repeat dosage as water is consumed and do so for several days until stress or risk has passed.  For animals that are under continual stress, exposure or adverse conditions, use a maintenance dos of 1/4 cup per 100 gallons of water.


Alternate dosage:  When treating the water supply is difficult or impossible, Nature’s PDQ works equally well when given dry, it can be top-dressed on feeds or treats and it can be mixed with milk or milk replacer for young animals.  Mix 1/8 tsp/quart of milk or give 1/2 tsp of dry power per 250# of body weight per day.  When used as directed, Nature’s PDQ is safe for all livestock of any age or condition.

PDQ Livestock Rescue - For All Types of Livestock

  • 11 lb pail.

    50 lb. pail.


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